Friday, June 28, 2013

Is it sad that one of my favourite past times is meal planning?

I'm sure it isn't.
Now that I think about it, I don't really know that many people that even create weekly meal plans. Does that make me weird? I can't imagine not making one! 
When Chris (the boyfriend) and I were moving out of home together, we decided that we would try make a meal plan every week before doing the grocery shopping. Initially it was more just for convenience, but as we accumulated more and more cook books, and became increasingly passionate about having a delicious, home cooked meal every night, it became one of our favourite things to do together. The day we made the plan initially varied due to our disorganised routines (or lack of), but once the university semester started we settled for Saturday. We don't assign meals to a particular day, but rather list seven meals and decide on the day what we feel like. We always aim for at least one seafood meal, usually about two vegetarian, and then mix up the rest with different meats.

This week we made our plan a day early, as we are going out for tea tonight with a couple of friends (Japanese - I've never been so I am far too excited!) and the fridge was looking a bit sad... Here's what we've got planned!

1) Braised chicken with white wine and mushrooms (from the latest Epicure section in the Age).
2) Lime and Chilli Fish Tacos (from this cookbook by Donna Hay).
3) Parsnips and chickpeas in garlic, onion, chilli and ginger paste (from a slowcooker book I inherited from my mum - slowcooking is my new favourite thing this winter).
4) Semolina Pilaf (I've never really cooked with semolina, so this could be interesting!).
5) Greek beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce (slowcooker book strikes again), and Chris wants to try his hand at making homemade pasta. This could be a fun!
6) Chris is into trying new cuisines, so thanks to the magic of the internet we are trying this Peruvian beef recipe, with a side of fragrant chickpeas and salad.
7) Our friends are planning an Indiana Jones movie marathon night, featuring homemade pizza. Yum!

What about you, are you a meal plan enthusiast? What are you cooking this week?


  1. uhh, no that's not weird! I absolutely love meal planning. I also love making lists too!

    1. My home is littered with my to-do lists! Horray for (attempted) organisation.