Saturday, July 20, 2013

Don Tojo

As uni students, Chris and I are always on the lookout for a good cheap eat. Thankfully, Melbourne has an abundance of restaurants that offer good food at a low price.
How Chris and I had never been to Don Tojo before is still a shock to me. I couldn't believe how cheap it was! We had both walked past it numerous times, as it's located just around the corner from Melbourne Uni in Carlton.

Customer service was not exactly fantastic - you ordered at the counter, and had to go collect your own meal from the service area when the waiter (actually, they weren't really waiters... service staff?) tells you it's ready. However, our meal was ready in about five minutes, if even that! We had barely sat down before it was ready.

Everything was priced between $5-$10 on their small menu. Chris and I ordered two dishes, which we shared - a Don Don Box and a Vegetarian Don. While nothing special, both dishes were tasty enough, though a bit lacking in the way of vegetables for my liking. But that's just me.
The venue itself was rather small, making it somewhat crowded. A large pallet of Asahi slabs also takes up a fair amount of space - but I suppose they need that many considering the beer is only $4 a bottle!

Considering it's proximity to uni, I'll definitely be back here when semester starts! You can't go wrong with cheap Asian.


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