Saturday, August 10, 2013

What's on the Menu (ft. Procrastination, Asian Food & Baby Chickens)

After spending the past hour or so torturing myself with my first assignment of the semester (and to make it even worse, it was for History), I decided that I might reward myself with a bit of blogging. Plus, I just really wanted a reason to not write about historical perspectives of the Cold War for awhile. 

Meal planning was squeezed into our agenda last night, amidst all the study that Chris and I have both found ourselves buried in this weekend. If it can even be called that! 
This morning, we walked into the city for our usual trip to the Vic Market - in surprising lovely and sunny weather for once, cheers Melbourne! After much debate, we finally gave in and bought one of those trolleys everyone has at the markets. We have been umm-ing and aah-ing over getting one for awhile, due to how lame we both thought they were. But eventually we relented - poor Chris can only take so much of carrying around all our groceries! 
Did you know you can buy baby chickens at the market? I had never seen them before, but we chanced upon them today and Chris literally had to drag me away from buying them (4 for $10?!?!?).

Afterwards, we whipped up an Asian feast for lunch, featuring vegetarian dumplings, sushi and Asian greens. 
But I suppose I should really just shut up and get to the real reason for today's post - here's what's happening in our kitchen this week:

1) Tonight I'm meant to be cooking up some capsicums stuffed with chickpeas, taken from an African cookbook we have on loan from the library. 
2) Pork and vegies. Nothing too exciting here.
3) Homemade falafel from Janella, and we will most likely make our own wraps to have them in!
4) Prawn paella. I actually don't think I have ever had paella, so this sounds pretty good.
5) Chicken, chilli and lemon cous cous soup.
6) Chilli Con Carne, from one of my favourite food websites.
7) Tomorrow night, we should hopefully be off to catch up with a couple of friends for another dinner party! I'm trying to think of a dessert to make that is gluten, nut, egg and lactose free (one of my friends has allergies), which is a bit of a challenge. Last time we met up I made chocolate mousse, but I would love to make a cheesecake or something similar. Any ideas?

My apologies for the ramblings today, procrastination does things to one's mind!
What's happening in your kitchen this week?


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