Thursday, September 26, 2013

Life Lately

Chai tea, Criminology readings for uni, and bed // Spring = fresh flowers around the house! // Asian lunch date while exploring Footscray the other day. Chris was in the midst of chewing when I snapped this, so I cropped his face out! // Whipping up some homemade nibblies // Chris is attempting to make kimchi! Fingers crossed it works.

Life seems so busy this semester, I can hardly keep track of time! Today was my last day of class at uni before finally getting a week off. Well overdue! 
I've been dreaming up recipes to try out and blog, but none have come into fruition. I will endeavour to try some over my week off! I tried to make a vegan jelly slice - completely of my own creation - so disaster ensued. It was edible, but a complete failure otherwise. I guess that what you get when you try make your own recipe from scratch. I will try again though!
Tonight I am heading out for dinner with a couple of friends to celebrate making it to the semester break, then I'm off back to Gippsland to visit the family for the weekend. So no meal plan this weekend, keep an eye out for it on Monday though!

How are things in your neck of the woods? Had any kitchen disasters lately?


  1. I'm down gippsland way this weekend too!
    Have you ever been to the kongwak market on a Sunday? It is super awesome and highly recommended ;)

    1. Ohh I love the Kongwak market! I haven't been for ages though. I have an awesome vintage gumball machine from there. If I didn't have to do an assignment this morning I would go!