Monday, September 30, 2013

What's on the Menu

Delayed meal plan this week, due to a trip back to our hometown over the weekend! It was great to catch up with both Chris and my families, eat some food that we didn't cook ourselves (a welcome reprise sometimes, as much as I love cooking haha) and just relax in the quiet countryside. 

Tonight's dinner, meal number #4. Nom.
We only just returned home this afternoon, so we missed out on our usual shopping trip to the Queen Vic Market! Here's our shortened meal plan for the week ahead:
1) Kofta kebabs, with some salad and home made pita bread.
2) Korean Sesame Beef Cups. Korean was in order this week, so we can try out the kimchi Chris has had fermenting the past few days. Fingers crossed it works!
4) Salmon and Thai Style Dressing. The recipe was originally for squid, but apparently the supermarket we went to was too cool to have fresh squid. BUT frozen salmon fillets were half price, so they will be even better! We hardly ever have salmon as it's so expensive.
5) Chris' sister and partner are coming around for dinner one night, so we have plans to whip up an African feast! Injeras, some Ethiopian curries, and a few beers. I love dinner parties!

I'm looking forward to this week. It's our "mid-semester" break from uni (9 weeks of class, 1 week off, 3 week than exams. What?), so I'm eager to spend some time at home, chill out, and catch up on study. I just handed in my major Psychology report this afternoon, so I finally feel like I can take a break for a few days. 

What's your culinary plan for the week ahead? Anything new?

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