Monday, November 25, 2013

A Glance at Sydney

This past weekend has absolutely flown by (literally) as I jetted up to Sydney for a two day forum. 
A perfect opportunity was provided for me to take part in a little weekend photo safari with Pip and my other bloggy classmates.

Wandering along King Street - the only part of Sydney I managed to see // A beautiful - and slightly overwhelming - old bookshop that I wish I had time to truly explore // Amazing old architecture on King Street // And even more at the University of Sydney // Admiring the clouds on my flight home.

This past weekend has seen so many opportunities and inspiration come my way (more detail to come soon), which I hope I can utilise somewhat in here blog. And despite the uni semester being over, chaos seems to still be reigning in my little life - not in a negative way by any means.

How was your weekend? Travel anywhere new? 


  1. Such a lovely post. It's funny, I live in Sydney, went to Sydney Uni and spent many hours on King St, but your pictures capture it in a different way to how I see/saw it. Love this. X

    1. Perhaps I focus too much on architecture haha? It was fantastic to have a quick look around, I wish I had a bit longer to explore though!
      Thanks so much :)

  2. I love that photo inside the bookshop, it's a great view!

    1. Thanks! I wish I had looked around in there more!