Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snapshots & Goals

Everything is a bit all over the place at the moment: the weather in Melbourne, my schedule, my brain. That doesn't mean I am not enjoying life lately by any means. 

Indulged in my first chocolate fondue, amazzzing // Forever being a tourist in my own city: Melbourne never ceases to amaze me // Setting up our little Christmas tree. 

What has been flying around my head a lot lately is the future, and my goals to work towards it. I don't know when I came to be one of those goal-setting fanatics, but I'm glad I did. Nothing quite beats that feeling of accomplishment when you knock over a big milestone, or that little feeling of satisfaction when you can tick off a smaller achievement. I'm an admirer of Elsie's goal setting over at A Beautiful Mess, so if I had to name an inspiration, it would be her. 

With uni results finally released, I'd say that my previous goals have finally concluded. Hurrah! Overall they were pretty successful. I've got volunteering opportunities on the horizon, the gym is going great, I increased my uni result average slightly (I honestly thought I had done worse this semester!), I am in the midst of a great blogging course, and I have many a plan for the summer holiday period. 

Chris and I sat down the other week and planned out our goals for the summer holiday period. With uni not starting up again until next March, we have a lot of time to kill. So we have each formulated five goals: four individual ones, and a fifth one tailored more towards us as a couple. Here's what I've come up with:

1) Train up to run 8 kilometres.
No great achievement by some standards, but I have never been the fittest person. I have recently hit the 5k milestone, so 8k should hopefully be achievable! There is a small community fun run back down near my hometown that I am hoping to run with my dad and brother. 

2) Develop one new skill.
Lately I have been hit by a wave of inspiration via the online community and people I have met. I'd love to harness this inspiration to learn something new, be it artistic, cooking, or just juggling!

3) Read 5+ books.
Now that reading is no longer a compulsory part of my life (I'm looking at you, history subject) it seems so much more appealing! I have just started the Discworld series on recommendation from a friend (yeaaah I am a fantasy fan). Any other suggestions?

4) Reach 20 blog followers.
I know, shameless self promoting. But this blog has fallen a little by the wayside recently due to exams, going to Sydney, and just enjoying freedom. However, I am going to pull myself together, continue with my blog course and fix it up! I want to develop a few more consistent blog post themes, finish working on the layout, and meet fabulous people.

5) Take more photos of us.
Us being Chris and I here. Neither of us are a great lover of the old photograph, but we both agreed with really do want to try capture memories we create together. 

So there we have it. Do you set goal lists? Is your life a bit chaotic at the moment? Or is just me being terribly addle-brained haha.


  1. If you are a fantasy fan I highly recommend the Assassin trilogy by Robin Hobb, it is some of the best fantasy writing I've ever read - closely followed by the Mistborn trilogy from Brandon Sanderson! (yeah, I'm a huge dork)

    Good luck with the 8K run goal! I've just gotten back to running after a few weeks off and I'm doing abysmally! Haha.

    - Steph

    1. Oh I haven't heard of those books, but I'll be sure to take a look! Good luck with your running too! And thanks for stopping by :)