Thursday, July 4, 2013

The little things

Yesterday afternoon, Chris decided that we should have a bit of a "date night" at home. Wine, three course meal, and each other. Absolute bliss.

We had a wonderful night, spent cooking, laughing, eating delicious food, drinking wine, and enjoying each others company. I am so grateful to have someone who enjoys these little things as much as I do.

Our three course menu consisted of grilled vegetables and tahini dressing for starters, homemade spinach pasta and slow cooked meatballs for the main, and orange poached pears for dessert (I'll post a recipe for this one soon!).

And we ended the night with a board game - Game of Life anyone? Simpsons themed! Haha.

It's amazing how such a simple night at home can be such a meaningful thing in our relationship. Even living with someone doesn't necessarily mean that all the time you spend together is quality - sometimes it worth putting in that little bit extra effort to make something special.

Thank you for letting me share these little snapshots of my night with you. And sorry for the quality of the photos - I'm stuck with a mere iphone camera for the time being!


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