Saturday, July 27, 2013

What's on the Menu

As much as I love going on holidays, it's always a nice feeling to come home and return to some of your favourite habits. Chris and I were far too excited to come home and be back in our own kitchen (hostel kitchens certainly limit what you can cook!). Here's what we've got planned for the week ahead:

Delicious Black Sesame & Coconut Dessert Soup from Loving Hut

1) Spiced Shrimp with salad, from an awesome North African cookbook we borrowed from the library the other day. Chris cooked up an amazing lamb and chickpea soup from it last night. 
2) Beef with taro, again from the African cookbook. I've never had taro before, so this could be fun!
3) Soba noodle soup - we needed an excuse to test out some Asian soup spoons we scored the other day.
4) Corn on the cob with Mexican sauce (from one of Janella's trusty books), and we'll have that on the side of some delicious looking pork chops we picked up at the market this morning.
5) Gado Gado with tempeh - I think Gado Gado is essentially some kind of satay sauce and vegetables, but this sounds pretty good! Tempeh is one of my favourite meat substitutes, it makes some amazing burgers (which we just had for lunch haha).
6) Chicken stuffed with orange and ginger.
7) Lemon Risotto with Calamari, but with brown rice. I've never cooked with calamari before, so fingers crossed I don't stuff it up somehow! 

Tomorrow I'll probably make up some soup for lunches during the week, as it's back to university on Monday! I'm looking forward to getting back into studying and having a more solid routine in my life.
What's happening in your kitchen this week? Trying anything new?


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