Monday, July 29, 2013

Planning & Dreaming

Semester two of university begins today, and I am actually excited to be starting again! University holidays go forever - don't get me wrong, I love holidays, but after awhile one can get pretty bored (especially when your part time job consists of selling bread and you don't have many hobbies). I love having structure in my life, and the feeling that I am achieving something doesn't go astray either.

While in Auckland, Chris mentioned to me he was thinking of setting a few goals for the upcoming semester. I often try and set myself goals, but I usually forget about them or give up due to not making them very achievable. However, this time around I've put in a bit more thought and I think they are all attainable. The fact that Chris has made goals too, and we've both stuck them on our desk in plain view, is also a bit more of a motivator. Fingers crossed!

1) Get involved in an extracurricular activity at uni or elsewhere.
This one is probably going to be the hardest to achieve. I'm not overly outgoing, but I would love to be involved in a club or society at uni, or join another social group. Even a sporting group! I think this is the most important goal I've set, as I really need to develop some stronger social links up here in Melbourne. 

2) Establish a more consistent exercise regime - run and do weights at least three times a week.
While I do try and keep active quite a bit, my lack of routine often results in me being highly inconsistent with my exercise. Some weeks I'll run nearly everyday, while others I might not get out at all! I'm hoping to try and develop a bit more concrete routine this semester, and allocate time to get out and move.

3) Increase my grade score average.
I've got a bit more of a hang of this uni-thang now, so hopefully I can work harder and more efficiently this semester.

4) Make friends within the blogging community.
While I'm still learning the ropes in this whole blogging world, I'd love to try and meet new people with similar interests. That's one of the main reasons I started blogging! I often find the amount of blogs - and how big the readership of some blogs can be - quite daunting, so hopefully I can gain a bit more confidence and develop my networking skills. 

5) Find a project for the summer holidays.
If I thought this semester break was long, then I'm in for it big time when it comes to the end of this semester. I think I worked out I get about... four months off uni? While I'll do the usual amount of part time work, catching up with friends and family, and hopefully get away for a bit, I'd love to have a project to work on during the break. I'm considering looking into doing a language course, or another short course in the city. Any suggestions?

So there we go - somewhat achievable, I think. There's only one way to find out! I'm eager to see how this second half of the year is going to pan out.
Have you set any major goals recently? Or are you part way through some already?

Annnd I thought I would just leave you today with a little Dr Seuss quote. I absolutely adore his work, and find his writing to resonate extremely well with life. So much so that I have a tattoo based upon a quote from the Lorax!



  1. These are great goals, I really relate to a lot of them! Hope you're going well with achieving them :)

    1. Thanks so much! I think they are going okay so far haha.