Saturday, July 13, 2013

What's on the Menu

Another week over already! I can't believe how quick the days are going by, considering I haven't been doing anything very productive these uni holidays.
Only a short meal plan this week, as Chris and I are off to Auckland for a week on Thursday! I am beyond excited as I have never been overseas (not that New Zealand is very exotic or far, but hey), and it's been ages since Chris and I went on our own little getaway. It's going to be freezing cold, but it can't be much worse than what it is here in Melbourne, can it?
Anyway, here's what's happening in our kitchen for the next few days:

1) Mexican Meatball Skewers and a salad on the side.
2) Chickpea patties with salad, and maybe a nice grainy roll.
3) Crispy Lemon Fish, courtesy of Donna Hay.
4) Lamb and spiced lentils, and some more salad. Or maybe I'll roast up some veggies.
5) We are having a dinner party with some friends from high school on Sunday night, and I've offered to make the dessert. Only problem is, our host is allergic to ALOT of things (gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts...) so it won't be an easy feat, but I am up for the challenge! Any ideas?

I'm also looking forward to trying local produce and dishes while on our holiday, not that i have the faintest idea as to what constitutes New Zealand cuisine! I can't imagine it would be that different to home. 
What's happening in your kitchen this week?


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