Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Those Plans That Never Happen

It always seems to happen to me. I have all these intentions and plans, but they never come into fruition. But in an effort to improve my overall happiness and positivity, it's probably about time I get myself into gear and just do these things. Motivation, come at me!

Decorate our apartment:
We only have a miniscule one bedroom apartment, yet it seems so empty! Chris and I had grand plans for covering the walls with posters and artwork (we have actually bought quite a few pieces). But due to being in a rental, and the fact the walls are brick, this hasn't happened yet. 

Aren't these just the cutest prints ever? Beer and food are also two of my favourite loves in life. I should probably consider putting up all the frames shoved under our be before I buy more!

Read more:
After reading this post by one of my talented friends the other day, I am eager to re-ignite my passion for reading. As a child I spend every waking minute with my nose buried in a book (normally fantasy, I loved my dragons!). However, it has been fairly on and off relationship in the past year or so, due to work and uni commitments. But I am trying to get more motivated! Instead of mindlessly watching tv for an hour or so before bed, I'm pulling out a book. I recently read the Millenium Trilogy and loved it. I would highly recommend these to anyone! At the moment I'm trying my hand at an old classic, Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. It hasn't grabbed my interest too much yet, but I am persisting.

Run a decent distance:
Just prior to moving out of home late last year, I began training myself to run off a treadmill. And my god it was hard. While my fitness and running ability has significantly improved, I still don't run very far or very fast. I'd love to be able to train myself up for a fun run, but I never seem to have enough positivity to stick at it! I'm thinking of trying to do this years Colour Run. It's only five kilometres, but I would be thrilled if I could do that. 
I'm joining up at the gym again (wayyy too excited!), so I can no longer use rain as an excuse to avoid running!

So there we have it. It's been somewhat enjoyable reflecting on these, as I often just quickly let them cross my mind. I know it will be a great sense of achievement to see some of these plans play out. Time to get motivated!
...tomorrow morning anyway haha. 

Do you have any plans that always seem to fall on the back burner? What motivates you?


  1. Do you own those prints? Or can I buy them from somewhere? I want them! I too am a great lover of beer and food <3 I always set the running one too. I am really into yoga right now though which I am loving. So good for your inner zen :)

    1. I wish I owned those prints! There's a link underneath them for the page I found them. Yoga is great! I haven't done it for ages though haha.