Sunday, August 4, 2013

What's on the Menu

We actually made this meal plan on Thursday night, but since I ended up going home to visit my family over the weekend I've been a bit delayed blogging about it! 
I hadn't visited my family since before I went away to New Zealand, so I thought it was high time I went down to old Gippsland. While I don't hold my hometown in very high esteem, I do love getting away from the city and relishing a bit of time in the countryside. I think I have actually developed a greater appreciation for regional Victoria since I have moved to the city. The rolling hills and forests seem a lot more beautiful now. 
Plus, who doesn't love going home to score a free meal? My mum cooked up a fantastic Mexican feast, featuring burritoes, chilli con carne, and homemade fruit slushies ("it's kiiiinnnd of a margarita mocktail" - Mum). Besides stuffing my face, it was also great to catch up with my family. 
Although my brother did drag me to see the Conjuring, because he knows I hate horror movies. Needless to say, it was not fun.
But yes, to the week ahead in our kitchen!

1) That soba noodle soup we had planned for last week never eventuated due to a last minute dinner invitation, so we'll try again this week!
2) Beef and lentil soup. 
3) Spiced Apricot Chicken, as we received multitudes of dried fruit recently. And that stuff never lasts long in our house!
4) Chermoula Fish, from our old friend Janella Purcell.
5) I haven't had the slowcooker out for awhile, and now that uni is back I'm looking to get it happening regularly again! We are trying out a Vegetable Kashmiri.
6) Lamb, cous cous and spiced nuts (and roasted vegetables I believe?) - Chris is currently cooking this up as we speak. It smells pretty damn good! And it's nearly ready, so I'm off to eat!

What's happening in your kitchen this week?

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