Thursday, August 1, 2013

Boyfriend Friday & Other Musings

When this post from Meet Me At Mikes popped up in my bloglovin feed yesterday, I couldn't help but smile and join in. Chris wasn't exactly sure what was going on when I showed him the post and promptly began to raid his wardrobe! I settled on this Vespa tshirt, which I actually only recently bought for him. 

In other news, this week has seen my second semester at university start up. So I'm back to carrying around my giant backpack, fighting my way through the lines at Union House to use the microwaves, scoring free beers, avoiding the Socialist Alternative, and crying over my keyboard as I try write assignments. It's actually not that bad - I love uni and everything that it has to offer. 
This semester I am studying subjects from psychology, criminology, history (I have a feeling I may regret this one, I already have an enormous amount of reading to do!), as well as a subject called Sustainability in Developing Communities. It's a subject drawn from a range of disciplines across the university, and there is under fifty students in the class. We will be working in groups to create projects for this challenge run by Engineering Without Borders. This subject, while sounding incredibly interesting, looks like it will offer much more opportunity and experience then your usual information based subject. It also looks to be a bit of a challenge, so I can't wait to see how it plays out!

Tonight, I am visiting family back in freezing old Gippsland. Then it's back to the city to try and get ahead on uni study while I can! 

What's been happening for you this last week? Joining in on #boyfriendfriday?


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