Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jimmy Grants

This Spring weather is just so wonderful, I still can't get over it! This Saturday just gone was particularly beautiful, so Chris and I headed over the Smith Street in Collingwood to try out Jimmy Grants with a friend.

Located in a side street just off Smith Street, this tiny eatery was almost overflowing with customers at lunch time! This restaurant is only new on the market, and is owned by George Calombaris. Our friend who came along with us had informed us of this place, as he works at another of George's restaurants over in Brunswick.
Despite the lunch time rush, we were squeezed onto a bench overlooking the kitchen. Paper menus are on the tables, and you order at the counter (take away is also available!), and drinks can be purchased at a separate bar. I tried Mythos, a Hellenic beer, and it was amazing on such a warm afternoon!

Chris got in before me and ordered the "homer souva" (falafel and coleslaw), so I decided to have a go at the "patris souva" (prawns, cucumber, mayo, honey). We decided to share a bowl of the grain salad, and out friend had a try of the "bonegilla" combo souva.
Our meals were out to us in no time, which was quite impressive considering how busy the place was. We were all impressed with our souvlakis, though if I were to go again I would opt for the falafel souvlaki, but that's just because I'm not a huge fan of prawns! The pitas were wonderfully soft and warm, and the grain salad was delicious. It was mix of grains (I identified freekah and lentils), nuts, herbs, raisins and greek yoghurt. So essentially, everything I love in a bowl.

Overall it was a fun lunch, however we didn't hang around long after our meal as the dining area was a bit cramped - plus we wanted to enjoy the sunshine! Everything, except a couple of larger platter meals, comes in at under $10, and the young service staff were all fantastic.

Have you eaten out anywhere new recently? 

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  1. I love George's hellenic republic and this place sounds like it has similar good food though it doesn't sound like a good place for a crowd - love falafel

    1. Definitely not the place for large groups, but still a fun little place to check out!