Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm Blogging With Pip!

I've been following Pip on her blog Meet Me At Mikes for awhile now, since I have entered the blogging world. Turns out I've been a fan of hers even before this, I didn't realise she wrote for Frankie magazine (I should renew my subscription for that one day). Yesterday, she posted on her blog that she has released her on e-course - Blog With Pip! I've been wanting to expand my blogging knowledge for awhile, cos let's face it, I still have a lot to learn! So, after pondering it over night, I've signed myself up for this course!

And I am so excited! Conveniently, this also coincides with one of my semester goals - which was to find something to do over the summer break. This course starts just as I wrap up with my exams, perfect!
I can't wait to start and meet new people, learn some great skills, and expand on this newfound hobby of mine!

Have you signed up for this course, or something similar? I'd love to hear if anyone else is joining in!


  1. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog as I am loving reading yours! You are under no obligations to participate, it is a bit chain-letter like, but its a bit of fun! If you would like to play along just have a look on my page:


  2. Reanna - thanks for popping by my blog on Tavi - I've signed up for Pip's e-course too, and am pretty excited about making some progress! See you online :) Helen,

    1. No problem! I'm so excited for the course to start!