Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rise & Shine (& Eat!)

If any of you have seen my instagram feed, you will probably have noticed that I post a lot of pictures of my food. In particular, breakfast.

I'm not quite sure when this became my favourite meal of the day, but according to my Mum I have always been one to get up and eat straight away. Usually due to having been sent to bed early the previous night after refusing to eat half my dinner. Oh, the days of being a fussy child. I must have been horrible.
I used to be happy to just have cereal or occasionally toast (lathered in peanut butter). But as I've become older and actually starting caring about what enters my body, my breakfasting habits have changed. During our first year or so of dating, Chris and I began to experiment with lots of different types of breakfast on our lazy - often hungover - Sunday mornings. One of my favourite discoveries was bircher muesli. So simple, yet so delicious. Since we moved out of home at the end of last year, this - or a slightly modified version of it - has become our everyday staple. And I never get sick of it. 

Just a handful of oats, a sprinkle of dried fruit (usually sultanas) and topped off with milk. We cover this and keep it in the fridge over night, before chopping up a combination of fresh fruit to pop on top, along with yogurt (we make our own with the Easiyo system) and whatever other toppings we have lying around (nuts, LSA, shredded coconut, seeds). I am far too excited about this warmer weather and stone fruit coming back into season. I've missed peaches and nectarines!
(As you may also notice, our bowls have changed. I somehow managed to break all four bowls, at once. Skillz.)

Occasionally we splash out and make pancakes, usually made from wholemeal flour, but we have tried different varieties of spelt and millet over time! Banana bread is another back up, usually when our fruit bowl and fridge are getting empty at the end of the week.

So there you have it, my morning breakfast ritual. Sorry, I get a bit excited about it. There's nothing I look forward to more than a big, delicious breakfast, and a giant (and I mean giant, our mugs are huge) cup of green tea. 
What's your favourite breakfast? Our perhaps your other favourite meal of the day?

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