Sunday, September 22, 2013

Taking Stock (ft. Hippos)

This week, I am taking stock of life, courtesy of Pip at Meet Me At Mikes!

Making: plans.

Cooking: delicious lamb curry for a dinner party with friends tonight!
Drinking: copious amounts of tea. 
Reading: "An Introduction to Personality and Intelligence".
Wanting: this last week of uni to fly by. 
Looking: to the future. I'm planning on going on exchange through uni next year!
Playing: Triple J. 
Wasting: time not studying. 
Fixing: my balcony. We have grand plans to have it functional for summer!
Deciding: where I want to go. 
Wishing: the sun would come out more. 
Enjoying: planning the future. 
Waiting: for the future to come. 
Liking: being back at the gym. 
Wondering: if I'll ever get this History assignment done. 
Loving: that I just got offered a job to work at the Australian Open of the summer holidays!! 
Pondering: trying to make a vegan and sugar-free jelly slice. 
Considering: getting more tattoos, but I can't justify spending the money. 
Watching: I just finished watching Skins: the Final Series. I have mixed feelings about it. 
Hoping: that I do okay at uni this semester. 
Marvelling: at spring time. 
Needing: motivation. 
Smelling: my perfume. 
Wearing: a collared singlet top - it's warm enough to go without a jumper today!
Following: some fabulous blogs. 
Noticing: how lucky I am. 
Knowing: that everything is always okay in the end. 
Thinking: I should be reading for my Criminology presentation next week. 
Feeling: content. 
Admiring: creative people.
Buying: food for the week ahead. 
Getting: where I want to be. 
Bookmarking: places to travel next year. 
Opening: a new chapter. 
Giggling: at silly jokes with my love. 

And to top that off, here is one of only pictures I snapped at the Werribee Zoo yesterday (I had a "girls day out" with my Mum, little sister and young cousins).

Yes, that is a hippo pretty much sitting on another hippo. I am so immature sometimes. Enjoy!
I haven't had much time in the kitchen lately, I've been slightly buried under uni work (yet here I am blogging!). But I have a few posts planned, and some recipes I want to try out. So there will be some more foody action happening around here soon!

What's been happening this week in your neighbourhood? Are you taking stock with Pip?


  1. I love this! I'm totally doing it too ^.^

    1. Lists are just too much fun! I look forward to reading yours! :)

  2. I'd love your recipe for the lamb curry. Is it hard to make?
    Love your picture from the zoo! I'm craving a day at the zoo with my baby. It's been YEARS since I've been to one!

    1. The curry was fairly basic, pretty much just a combination of spices haha! It was from one of Janella Purcell's cookbooks.
      Zoos never seem to lose their fun, no matter how old they are!