Friday, September 20, 2013

What's on the Menu

Time, stop! Or slow down!
I feel a bit inundated right now, due to assignments and work and uni and life and... I need a break haha. I only have one more week of uni then I finally get my "mid-semester break" (I've been at uni for 9 weeks, get a week off, then go back for three weeks... logical?) so, I'm pretty tired. 
To take my mind off things, I did some procrasti-baking last night:

I made these delicious brownies. I altered the icing (I used yogurt, cacao power and honey), and they turned out pretty good!
Tonight, we discovered we didn't have all the ingredients for the soup we were planning to make, so Chris opted to make our old favourite of miso soup

And some Japanese beer of course!
Meal planning down, now we are sitting back and having a chat about the future.
Here's the plan for the week ahead in our kitchen:
1) It's another dinner party night this Sunday with our high school friends. And I am not on dessert duty this time (one of our friends has a lot of allergies, so dessert is particularly difficult!). Chris and I are on the main, so we are going for a lamb curry and brown rice.
2) My mum is popping up to Melbourne with my younger siblings for the school holidays, so we will catch up for dinner at some point. I'm also heading out to the Werribee Zoo with my Mum and little sister tomorrow!!
3) Vego fried rice, something nice and easy for the busy week ahead of us!
4) Tacos - we are planning to slice up a nice steak and cook it up with some spices and home made tortillas. Nothing beats mexican.
5) We having been eyeing of a Quinoa Crust Pumpkin Pie in one of Donna Hay's books for ages, so we are knuckling down and trying it out this week!
6) Poached fish in an Asian Broth.
7) This is completely open! We may be meeting up with Chris' sister for another dinner party, or heading out to a Wine Ball through our uni. We are yet undecided! Maybe both? What to do.

How has your week been? What are your plans for the week ahead?

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