Friday, October 4, 2013


I've been meaning to write about Crossways ever since I started up this little blog. And the honest reason I haven't done so yet is that whenever I eat here, I'm so eager to start devouring my meal that I'm halfway through by the time I remember I was going to take a photo! But today, I exerted some self control so I can share one of my favourite lunch places in Melbourne.

Crossways is little more than a doorway amidst the chaos of Swanston Street in the CBD. It's one of those places you normally discover through word of mouth (I was informed of it's existence by a relative), or if you are one of those people that actually takes the business cards people hand out on the streets. Either way, once you find it you won't regret it.
For $7.50 (or $5.50 concession, student life wins again) you are entitled to "all you can eat", but the servings at Crossways are so huge that I cannot imagine going back for seconds! The menu is set, with a different main meal and dessert on rotation every day. The main meal (which is vegan and gluten free) consists of rice, curry and papadums, while dessert is a sweet halva with custard (vegetarian). You can also help yourself to water, lassi and cordial. As basic as the meal is, I have never had a bad experience eating here. It's just so. Damn. Delicious.
Seriously, Chris and I come here far too often.
This place is always packed around lunch time, but there is plenty of seating available. Service is at a counter up the back, from which you collect your own cutlery and serving tray. This place is more of a canteen than a restaurant, but everyone who works there is lovely.
If you ever want a cheap, delicious and quick lunch fix in the CBD, this is the place. I'll probably be in the corner devouring a plate myself!

What are you favourite cheap lunch destinations? Any old faithfuls?

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