Saturday, October 5, 2013

What's on the Menu (ft. Green Growing Things!)

I have been looking forward to Saturday all week. Chris and I had plans for shopping at the Vic Market, going to check of Finders Keepers in the city, and cooking up a Spanish fiesta for dinner - homemade date night! However, I felt rather under the weather this morning, then somehow managed to get something in my eye. I was in pain all morning, leaving Chris to do the shopping while I lay around feeling pathetic. A trip to the chemist was unsuccessful, so after spending forever trying to find a doctor that was a) open on a Saturday, and b) bulk billing, I finally managed to get an appointment.
Only to get local anaesethic in my eye and have a small bug removed. Not exactly the greatest day of my life (I have to wear an eyer patch for the next three hours!), but I feel much better. 

So sexy.
In better news, my seeds are growing! The basil is coming along in leaps and bounds, and the rosemary and oregano are poking their heads up too. 

It's back to uni next week (where did that week off go?), so here's what we have planned in the kitchen:
1) Falafels, perhaps with some homemade pita and salad.
2) Chicken soup and homemade noodles. I've never made noodles before, so fingers crossed this works!
3) Coconut, tomato and lentil dhal, in the slowcooker. Chris has work, and I have training at my job, so this week be perfect.
4) Fish balls in tomato sauce, maybe with homemade pasta?
5) Stuffed eggplant with rice wine and ginger sauce, from a Korean cookbook we borrowed from the library. We need to use up all this kimchi Chris made!
6) Pork and salad, something simple.
7) And as I mentioned earlier, tonight we are making a Spanish fiesta! We were planning to go out for dinner sometime this past week for our monthly date night, but someone (totalllly not me) scored themselves a public transport fine, so we opted to stay home instead. Plus, cooking it yourself is way more fun! We are planning to make a white wine sangria, and a series of small tapas. I'll be sure to share!

What are your plans for cooking this week? Are you growing any herbs or similar lately?


  1. Your meal plans are always so inspiring to me! You guys cook amazing stuff ;)
    Also, yay for your herbs!
    Boo about the eye thing though! You poor thing!

    1. Thanks! :) I love meal planning, and it makes staying organised five times easier haha.
      My eye is a lot better today, not exactly the best day of my life!