Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Melbourne at Night

Wandering at night time in the city is not something I am often compelled to do - for obvious reasons. Last night, however, saw Chris and I walking through a part of the CBD we don't often explore late in the evening. Seeing the world at night time is like being in a completely different world, don't you agree?

Eerily beautiful. I love the old architecture around some parts of Melbourne.
 One of my goals I have set for this little blog through this great little e-course I am doing is to improve my photography (ie. invest in a half decent camera, any recommendations?), and I think wandering the streets of this city is a great place to gather my inspiration. So here's hoping there will be some improvement in the coming months.

Do you enjoy viewing the world in a different light?

(Also, apologies for a few issues with my blog at the moment - such as the pages buttons, or lack of! - I am working on it)

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