Saturday, November 16, 2013


As I am working my way through Pip's wonderful blog course I am coming to the conclusion that a few things are going to change around here. Apart from the obvious aesthetic bits and bobs that need to be fixed up (I will get there one day!), I think the direction of my blog will change slightly. I began this blog with a food focus in mind, but I realise it's something that - while I still love cooking - I can't really blog about in great depth. Exploring Melbourne and the wider world, nature trips and dinner parties are more within my grasp, and are also things I thoroughly enjoy. 

Next year may also see an exciting adventure in my life (more details in the coming months when it all gets sorted out!), an I feel changing the direction of my blog will cater for this as well. I also have ideas floating around my head to share my love of thrifting, and still keep the odd recipe or too. 
So I'm turning this blog to a more lifestyle focus, sharing the musings and adventures of me growing up and finding myself in the wide world. 
Here's to the future, and change for the better!


  1. Well, as I like to say about blogging - it's your blog and you can blog what you want to - I see lots of bloggers start with one focus and end up changing it - in fact I know one blogger who has changed her blog name as it no longer reflects her blog. I am sure whatever you do you will continue to move mountains :-)