Sunday, December 8, 2013

5 Ideas for Christmas Deliciousness

Christmas is getting so close that it's starting to scare me. Christmas carols are playing at work (my boss played Mariah Carey's Christmas album on repeat for four hours. Torture), lights are popping up around the neighbourhood, and mince tarts are everywhere. And I say all this scares me due to my impending list of Christmas presents to buy. But I will succeed! 
In an effort to get into the swing of the Christmas, I thought I'd write up a couple of Christmassy themed posts! Today, I thought I'd share some great recipes for the season I have spied on some of my favourite blogs. Fingers crossed I can make some of these when I get the time!

This delicious rhubarb ice-cream fits the Christmas bill perfectly with flavour and colour. And it has the added bonus of being vegan! I've always wanted to try out a tofu based ice-cream, so this one will hopefully pop up in my freezer some time soon!

These fruit mince pies over at the Healthy Chef (one of my favourite sites to peruse for healthy alternatives) sound amazing. And this is in light of the fact that I work at a bakery that is making mince pies daily. I love the healthy twist on this favourite Christmas treat.

Chris made up a batch of infused olive oil today, adding in a bit of rosemary instead of thyme. It was fantastic with some homemade foccacia. This would be a great gift idea, as there are so many alterations and it's so incredibly easy!

Making a gingerbread house has always been on Chris and my to-do list, but we have never gotten around to it. This year we endeavour to change that, and yesterday I stumbled upon these great gingerbread recipes. With a gluten free or spelt option, this is right up my alley!

Oh it's happening.
(Or are we aiming too high here?)

Another great homemade gift idea is these Pineapple and Lime Pectin Jellies! Who doesn't love lollies, especially when they are vegan and gluten free. The lovely lady behind the recipe is even making them by the dozen and has them for sale if you don't have the time to whip up a batch yourself!

And I am sure there is much, much more out there that will fill my blog feed in the coming weeks. I'm looking forward to getting more into the Christmas spirit! If you have any favourite Christmas recipes or foodie gift ideas, I would love to hear! I hope your Christmas preparations are going well.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe Reanna! Can't wait to try my hand at infused oils, I've been using some awesome local ones in my cooking!

    1. I've always eyed off infused oils on the shelf, but making it was so easy!
      And that's no problem :)