Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas in Melbourne: Gingerbread Village

As mentioned the other day, Chris and I have always aspired to make a gingerbread house. So you can imagine our excitement when we chanced upon Melbourne's Gingerbread Village at the Town Hall last year. We were just as enthused when we found out it was on again this year, so we fought our way through hordes of children to visit (note: no children were hurt in the process).
Please excuse the quality of these photos, there was no lighting in the building to better allow for the Christmas decorations to shine!

I cannot imagine the amount of time and effort would have gone into making these masterpieces. These photos hardly do them justice. There are so many little details that grabbed your attention, made you laugh, or captured what Melbourne is like.
Luna Park was my favourite, though the MCG, the Arts Centre and the Melbourne Zoo were pretty fantastic too!

Except this. Is this even in Melbourne? (Yes, the roof is made of pasta)

Chris had to hold me back from taking a bite out of one of the lights of the MCG, everything just smelt so delicious! There were people offering gingerbread for sale outside, but I resisted. Though the gingerbread ice-cream did sound intriguing.

We have a few more Christmas outings around the city planned for the coming two weeks. Two weeks, can you believe it! Do you have any favourite Christmas activities? Or are there any around Melbourne I should check out?


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  2. Love this - am hoping we might get there next week but imagine it will be horribly busy. I would push the small children out of the way but one will be mine and that might not go down well on the way home :-)

    One of the nice things we have done a few times is visit Miss Marple's tea rooms in sassafras - they do a great christmas dinner and fantastic decorations - you feel like you are in an English country cottage.

    1. I'll definitely have to check out those tea rooms, they sound wonderful! Thanks heaps, and good luck getting to the Gingerbread Village! :)