Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1000 Steps & Other Adventures

Here's a few snapshots of what I've been up to these past few days. I'm currently on mid year holidays from uni, so I have so much free time that it's getting a bit ridiculous!

On Saturday night, Chris and I wandered down to Kensington to have a drink at a cute little bar - the White Rabbit Record Bar. We have been meaning to go there for quite awhile. It's cosy and quirky, and serves an assortment of drinks and meals, including Alice in Wonderland themes cocktails! When money allows, I'll definitely be back to try out one of those. Instead, we settled for a teapot of mulled port wine - perfect for a freezing Melbourne night!

We found ourselves with a few hours to kill on Sunday morning, so we decided to have a look at Pentridge Market. It's a wonderful little craft and farmers market held in a wing of the old Pentridge Prison, and is only in its first few weeks of operation. We didn't end up buying anything this time, but we tasted some great chillies, homemade chai syrups, and Chris even tried some home brewed beer (let's ignore the fact we were at the market at 9:30am!). It's on every Sunday, so we'll be back.

This morning, we jumped in the car and drove out to the Kokoda Track Memorial Trail - also known as the 1000 Step Climb. It is a bit of a drive for us to get there, but it was a nice (if almost dying from cardiac arrest is your kind of nice, anyway) way to spend a sunny morning.

This was third time lucky for Chris and I. Not long after moving to the city some six months ago we tried to drive out to the walk, but got lost and ended up miles away. The second time we went, we found the walk, but due to some stupid mistake we ended up climbing up the wrong way and coming DOWN the steps. Tad bit awkward. But this time, we finally did it. There was no breathtaking view up the top, but it was reward enough to make it up those steps alive.

What have you been up to lately? Discovered any new places?


  1. i did the same thing the first time i went! that sign at the bottom is very confusing...

    1. Oh I am glad we weren't the only ones haha! I think that path we accidentally went up the first time was even harder than the actual steps.