Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thrift Love

I'm not quite sure how I got into op-shopping. My mum occasionally would drop into one, and I would tag along with minimal interest. But as I've got older I have come to absolute adore them. Last year, when I took a year off after finishing Year 12, I even volunteered once a week at the local Vinnies in my home town. My apartment in the city is now full of lots of thrifty bits and pieces, and don't even get me started on how much of my wardrobe is second hand! Some people I know are freaked out by the idea of wearing someone else's clothes, but I love the uniqueness and quirkiness of some of the things you can discover.

The other day, Chris and I wandered through two of our local op-shops, and came home with several great finds! (Let's just ignore the bad photo quality!)

We scored this ancient edition edition of Trivial Pursuit! Most of the pieces seem to be there, and it seems to be relatively intact overall. However, it is from 1981 - a good twelve years before I was even born - so god knows how well we will go at answering the questions!

We are pretty big fans of cooking up Asian dishes around here. Chris has been wanting spoons like these for awhile now, so we were quick to snatch up these.

 Salad servers have been something we have desperately needed for awhile. While these aren't the prettiest, they were only 80 cents for the pair. And upon arriving home, I discovered they were Tupperware, and as good as new. Score!

And possibly our favourite score of the day, this beautiful old spice rack! It's missing a couple of bottles, and the lids are a tad old, but for decorative purposes we couldn't say no to this. And for three dollars! I'm not 100% sure what I want to do with this yet, perhaps fill the vases with flowers, or paint them. Any ideas?

Sometimes you can wander through an op-shop and find absolutely nothing, other times you can come out with a bagful of thrifty gems. Do you love thrifting? What are some of your favourite finds?



  1. Oh that spice rack... I think the bottles would be perfect for little floral arrangements, and as for the rack itself, I'd probably keep cotton reels in it, but that's just me ha ha!

    1. I was thinking something floral. I'm not the most creative person, so we'll see how I go!