Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flemington Farmers Market

This little gem of a market is literally fifty metres down the road from our apartment. I couldn't believe it when I discovered it's existence. Chris and I will often wonder around here on a Sunday, eyeing off all the delicious food we would love to buy. Unfortunately - due to uni student poorness - we only buy the occasional thing. But we love to dream about all the shopping we will do here when we have expendable money! 

This market runs every Sunday from 9 - 1 at Mt Alexander High School. It's always busy, with regular stalls and a few on rotation. 

We pretty much have a standard route that we traverse when we go there. Starting at the orange juice place, past the sourdough man (who tells us every week at the top of his lungs how fresh his bread is), around the amazing array of organic vegetables, then past the meat vendors and dumpling guy. This place has it all.

Flowers were in abundance this past weekend at the market (what? Is it actually spring Melbourne?). These waratahs were amazing.

Chris and I love admiring all the vegetables at the market. Being an accredited farmers market, most of the vegetables are organic from regional farms. And the colours! Seriously, I think they have carrots and beetroots in every shade of the rainbow.
There was a macaroon stall this past weekend - which I didn't manage to snap a photo of as I was too busy stuffing my face with tastings. This weeks feature flavour was chilli lime, and it was delicious! 

If you are ever in the neighbourhood, you should definitely drop by this little slice of the country in the city!

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