Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gluten Free Experimenting

My gluten/wheat free experiment has been slightly more successful these past few days! While I'm not being 100% pedantic, I still feel like I have managed to successfully cut down the amount of wheat I am consuming. And I think I am starting to feel slightly better from it! But it's still too early to tell for sure.
Here's some of my recent gluten free discoveries:

As I mentioned the other day, Chris and I purchased some authentic corn tortillas from a local restaurant. We served them up that night with pork fajitas and fresh salads. They were absolutely delicious, and we have a stack more stored in the freezer! 

Chris commented the other day that we have a heap of polenta buried in the pantry. Polenta is something I have pretty much never cooked with. How? What do I do? After a bit of hesitation I tried out this polenta cake recipe. It was incredibly simple, though could easily do with some tinkering to add a bit more flavour though. I quite enjoyed the taste of the polenta though, so I'd love to hear any recipes or recommendations you guys have for cooking with polenta!
I was slightly amazed when cooking with it, that stuff expanded like crazy when I put it in the boiling liquid! 

I'm really enjoying the challenge this experiment is posing to me, having to think about altering most meals that I cook. Do you have any gluten free recipes you love?

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