Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Spring Fling & Ruby Ropar Gallery

 This Sunday just past was the annual Spring Fling on Errol Street in North Melbourne. From my - minimal - understanding of the event, it aims to bring together the community, local businesses and small organisations for a fun, family friendly day out. My part time job was one of the participating businesses, and I was lucky enough to have the day off (I'll be honest, I actually never work weekends haha). Since it was a lovely and warm day in Melbourne, Chris and I decided to check it out!

The whole street was closed off for the day, and was filled with stalls, activities, music stages and food outlets.

All the alleyways coming off Errol Street were also bustling with activity. I spied the Ruby Ropar Gallery (apparently the work of Dennis Ropar? I personally haven't heard of him).

It was absolutely amazing. The entire building was a work of art - very bright pink art. I'm not much of an art appreciator, but this certainly grabbed my attention. I hope to see this place open to the public again.

There was a dog show earlier in the day, but a few were still wondering around. This fluffy guy was too cute to ignore. I think his name was "Biggles"?

The North Melbourne Market was also running in conjunction with the festival. Held in the Lithuanian Society building, it boasts local designers, a few speciality foods and vintage clothing. I spied on of my favourite jewellery designers, whom Chris and I ended up chatting to for quite awhile. Turns out she is from out hometown! Chris spoilt me with a ring and this adorable little octopus necklace.

So awesome. 
All in all, it was a fun afternoon out. There wasn't as much there as I had anticipated, but if Chris and I hadn't already been nursing hangovers it would have been a perfect day to chill out to come music with a couple of beers, as everyone as was doing. 

How was your weekend? 

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