Saturday, October 26, 2013

What's on the Menu

Uni classes are DONE for the year! Now just to knuckle down and study for exams. It's crazy to think that in just over two weeks I will have officially completed my first year of university, which will also coincide with the one year anniversary of Chris and I moving up to Melbourne. So much has changed this year, and it has had it's numerous ups and downs. But overall, it has been a fantastic experience. 

I'm going to miss walking through beautiful Parkville all the time over the next few months. This place is my ultimate suburb crush (is that even a thing?). This house was a bit decrepit - including equally as run down cars out the front - but it still caught my eye.

Here's what's happening around here this week:
1) Asian marinated fish.
2) One of the new cookbooks Chris picked up the other week is conveniently gluten free! We are trying a few recipes from this lately, including this Spinach Meat Loaf.
3) An old favourite of tempeh burgers, with pumpkin sauce and maybe some home made wheat-free bread!
4) Chicken quesadillas, to start using up all those delicious tortillas we have in the freezer.
5) Polenta and lentils. This sounds a bit different - and doesn't look particularly visually appealing - but I am keen to start using up all this polenta we have in the pantry.
6) Tomorrow night we are having our monthly dinner party with friends. I suggested a Lebanese mezze theme, so hopefully it comes together well! Chris and I are bringing falafels, fattoush salad, and hopefully some gluten free breads. And maybe a dip if I get time.
7) We are having another date night this week! Seeing as my car registration is looming on the horizon (boo), we are staying in again. It's Chris' turn to organise, and he has chosen an Indian theme. Think curries, rice and naan bread! Excited!

Once I get past exams, I'm really looking forward to the summer months! Warmer weather, freedom, reading for pleasure, and camping. 
What's going on around your neighbourhood this week?

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